I was riding the bus at Sundance when I ran into my friend Michael Lerman, who is a fest programmer, journalist and 8-bit music revolutionary. He had just seen Catfish, a buzzed-about doc, and he told me I needed to see it immediately. And I needed to know nothing about it. So I saw Catfish the best way I could: totally ignorant. I loved what I saw (my Sundance review).

Now Catfish is hitting theaters from Rogue, and the time has come to sell it. But how do you sell a movie like this? The film is about a New York City elite type who meets a girl on Facebook and falls in love. They have a long distance relationship, and then he decides to meet her. His friend and his brother film it all.

Even telling you THAT is telling you too much! The movie isn’t what you expect, and I think that some of the blurbs at the end of the new trailer now at Apple are misleading. This is not a Hitchcock film. That’s a terrible thing to say about the movie. I don’t know why Rogue is selling it as a thriller.

Anyway, the trailer is out. I don’t know that you should watch it, but I also don’t know how to convince you to go see the film if you don’t know anything about it… and sadly not knowing anything about it is the best way to see it.

Click here to watch. If you must.