I have removed the photo at the request of legal bullies. An explanation: the photo we ran was in no way illegal or violating copyright. It was a photo taken in public. The law is on our side when it comes to running that photo. The reality, though, is that Fox legal can afford to throw a legal gauntlet down on us that we cant’ afford to fight. What has happened here is that a totally bogus, unsupportable and false claim of copyright infringement was made against us. As we cannot afford to duke out such a claim in court, the wisest move for us is to take the photo down.

I stand by the initial decision to run the photo.

Check out Andy Serkis as Caesar in Rise of the Apes, the prequel to Planet of the Apes (not the Burton one).  He’s wearing a mocap suit that WETA will use to turn him into a chimpanzee with human level intelligence; notice the rig in front of his face – that’s a camera, set up to record everything he does facially so that the animators can replicate it on the CGI monkey.

What I’m curious about is how tall Caesar will be. In Planet of the Apes the apes were human height, which is much larger than real apes. I don’t see an eyeline marker anywhere on Serkis’ suit, although he looks much smaller than James Franco and Freida Pinto in this picture (posture and perspective, I’m assuming).

I’m very happy that Serkis is acting on set with the rest of the cast; that’s going to go a long way to selling Caesar. Everything I see from Rise of the Apes makes me happier – at this point I’m officially getting my hopes up.

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