The Chicago Tribune is reporting that there will be an online spinoff series of Battlestar Galactica, titled Blood and Chrome,
that will focus on the adventures of the young William “Husker” Adama
in the Cylon War.  The series would consist of ten nine- to
ten-minute installments and focus on a young man’s initiation into war: both the realities of war as fought
by soldiers on the ground (and in Battlestars and Vipers), and the
somewhat less real version portrayed in the media,” according to
[Caprica co-executive producer Michael] Taylor.
  Taylor will be writing the script to the venture, which will use cutting edge technology (i.e., plenty of green screen work) to depict the Cylon War, and could probably have a look somewhere between BSG and Syfy’s Sanctuary program.  An interesting note is that detailed scans were made of the BSG sets that could be incorporated into the series.

That’s all well and good, but personally, I’m sort of in a  strange place when it comes to Battlestar.  I’m perfectly fine with the run of the show, thought the story was told, and have been pretty sated by the experience.  I haven’t been clamoring for more adventures set in that universe.  I got about half way through Caprica before I had to admit that it wasn’t really grabbing me.  Now granted, that’s a very different show, but as the first spinoff, I’m generally pretty cool to it.  However, this sounds like it could be a somewhat interesting start to perhaps something bigger.  I wouldn’t mind seeing a just balls-to-the-wall, gritty exploration of the Cylon War for say, a three-to-five season run in a new TV series.  That could work for me.

Anyway, you can click over to The Chicago Tribune for more info on this potential series.