You are born in a room with stark, bare walls. Within this room you remain for your entire childhood. You have no human interaction. When hungry, you type what you want into a computer, and it materializes for you.

Besides your sex and complexion, you know nothing about yourself. You don’t know your parents, your nationality; Any aspects of your heritage. But, you do have books.

Any book from any place and time is yours to read, with a simple keystroke. Any movie to watch. Any magazine to browse. Any sports event to replay.

Without parents to guide you, what religion would you decide to practice? Without a village to raise you, what town would you love? Without friends, what would you decide to wear? Without culture, how would you behave?

Or, without actual experience, is it all just a blur of information? Would you have any emotional connection to the outside world? Would a video showing a nuclear explosion elicit a different reaction than one showing how to make ice cream?

How would you determine what is “good”? Would you read the various opinions of both experts and laymen? Or would you form your opinions based solely on facts and statistics?

What is your favorite movie? What is your favorite sport? What is your religion of choice? What is your country of choice? What do you choose to believe that your parents were like?

What do you choose as your reality?