Almost 30 years after the original series first aired, Elvira’s Movie Macabre is coming back to TV. More specifically, a cable channel you’ve likely never heard of- THIS! Television- although it will be syndicated nationally. The show is set to return the weekend of September 25th. While Cassandra Peterson is pushing 60 she’s still looking great, and as witty as ever. Besides, I’m sure most of you are missing 80s horror hosts! Elvira, Rhonda Shear, and of course the king, Job Bob… poor kids these days don’t have someone to crack cheesy jokes on even cheesier films while dropping film knowledge.

“All I can say is, IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME!” Elvira said.

“Elvira will be every bit as relevant as the first day she burst onto the scene; a beautiful opinionated woman who always delivers just what her audience expects from her,” says Hank Cohen, CEO/Partner, Trifecta Entertainment. “At Trifecta, we take pride in bringing proven and trusted brands to the syndicated marketplace; Elvira is a time-tested and wildly successful brand unto herself and her new show perfectly exemplifies our strategy.”

Elvira’s Movie Macabre is a 34D Production and is written and produced by Cassandra Peterson and Ted Biaselli.

Check Elvira’s official site to see what else she’s been up to.

On a side note, maybe now she can ease up on that ridiculous fee for pictures that she charges. (I tried to get a picture of my then-girlfriend with her about five years ago and was rebuffed by a $20 price tag. For shame, Elvira, for shame! You know how much spank material I missed out on because of that?)