A new red band trailer has come to light for 30 Days of Night: Dark Days, based on the sequel comic of the same name. Don’t expect to see anyone from the original film involved with this- this movie is going straight to dvd and blu-ray come October 5th.

The story this time sees the survivors from the first film relocating to LA from the dark bowels of Alaska in order to hunt down the vampire queen who ordered the attack on the poor little town. Kiele Sanchez (The Perfect Getaway) is in for Melissa George as someone who enlists the help of a bunch of LA vampire hunters (How she found them should’ve been more amusing… Craigslist ad?) to hunt down the queen Lilith (Mia Kirshner from The Vampire Diaries) Diora Baird also lends her considerable talents to the film.

So as you can tell, take a little of Aliens and mix it up with a bit of Blade 2, and there you go. Check out the trailer (originally published on Fearnet) for a taste.

30 Days of Night wasn’t a horrible movie. It was actually doing pretty well with the atmosphere till some decisions to beef up the climax in the third act ruined everything and made the whole thing completely laughable

Perhaps we’d better pray to see some more of this guy-

“Sometimes I boil cabbage!”