STUDIO: Grimoire
MSRP: $14.95
RATED: Not Rated
RUNNING TIME: 94 minutes

• Trailer

The Pitch

A stranger kidnaps a hitchhiker. Sexiness happens.

The Humans

Jackie Stevens and Kathy Rice

The Nutshell

The more I watch these films, the more I hate technology. Bill Zebub is the kind of director whose works would’ve been relegated to the local wacko screening of his hometown. The advancements in consumer video equipment and the reach out and touch someone nature of the Internet has brought his wares to new audiences. While I’ve had a few readers verbally berate me for not his enjoying his mix of metal and tits, I always appreciated his ability to try and improve with each film. That was until this tiresome offering.

Even with all that shit, she can still play a mean pinball.

The Lowdown

Breaking Her Will is a terrible film. Sure, it’s easy material for a low-budget director to mine. What happens is a three-act breakdown of a rape porn fantasy that never delivers on anything above the basic label. The first act is basically the capture of the female and her binding to a 2×4. If that wasn’t enough, she then is sexually assaulted with a beer bottle. It seems that the intention of this scene was to scare the audience into the film’s goal. But, you never buy what you’re seeing.

I wish I could blame this film entirely on Zebub, but his audience shares the blame. When you can take blatant rape porn imagery and find a group of willing buyers, it makes me sad for this great nation. There is an almost Brechtian nature to the film’s aesthetic, so I hope that hardcore fans aren’t getting off on what they see onscreen. If that wasn’t enough, you’ve got the people who will take what’s happening and say it’s higher art. The art debate has been brewing for awhile regarding low-rent entertainment attempting to be something better than what it is. This film is no exception, as the ninety minutes plus runtime is spent as a visual assault. Nothing results from it and you’re not allowed to mediate on what is being presented onscreen.

The recent slate of films from Bill
Zebub Productions is starting to improve slightly. I’ve mentioned that before, but it bares repeating. If Zebub could spend more time away from the technical and focusing on the narrative, the world might see better movies coming from his Production outfit. That’s what really sucks about the whole affair, as it feels like he’s doomed to keep repeating the same gut response films that have become his calling card. Some of you might feel that I’m being unfair to Zebub and I respect your opinion. But, I’m standing by what I said. He’s wasting the viewer’s time by crapping out this soft-core porn/gore attempts at capturing our attention.

Just close your eyes and think of England.

The Package

a trailer for another flick. There are no other special features. The A/V Quality is decent enough for a low-grade indie flick. But, there’s nothing else to be offered. Zebub fans will buy it, but I can’t recommend that anyone actually try to rent it.

2.0 out of 10