We’ve just received this new poster for Let Me In, Matt Reeves’ upcoming Let The Right One In remake, one that looks fairly innocuous until you realize what’s really going on here…

Helluva lot more intriguing and interesting than that last one! Even if it’s still bizarre seeing that Hammer Films logo down there.

So what say you folks? According to Comic Con attendees who were shown some footage the film’s looking good, and the trailer certainly looked promising, as aggravating as the idea of trying to one-up the original film might be.

UPDATE: Overture just let us know that a new red band trailer just went up on their facebook page. It’s pretty similar to the regular trailer but has a few more shots that might spoil things for anyone new to the story. Watch at your own risk, and if you do, try and count how many times the film looks shot for shot from the original.