Holy shit Sucker Punch.

Earlier today in his piece on Sucker Punch at Comic Con, Devin had the following to say…

Writing about this is, frankly, frustrating, since there’s no way I can
truly get across to you the frenetic, kinetic energy of the footage
shown. It was big, dense, busy but focused. It was incredibly stylish
and sensual and simply expertly shot. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen
before while being made up of lots of things you’ve seen very often
before. It’s the collision of geek pop culture, and it looks totally

…and I am loath to try and do any better. This trailer is fucking NUTS in the best way possible. Never before have I seen a trailer so worth going through a frame at a time, or watching 30 times and seeing what new pieces you can catch with each view. While the vast majority of the imagery is fleeting in appearance, it’s all so bold that it makes an impression no matter how quickly it rockets by.

Watch it. Then watch it again. Then tell us what you think on the board. I’ve pulled some still that I thought were particularly striking that you can check out below (and click to HUGE). I hope the script lives up, because I really want this movie to be as good as it will be fun.