Chuck Bartowski’s father was Scott Bakula, a former quantum leaper.  Now Michael Ausiello reports that Chuck’s mom is going to be none other than Linda Hamilton.  The erstwhile Sarah Connor will be making her debut in the September 20th season premiere of Chuck, playing Mrs. Bartowski.  The news was revealed this past weekend at Comic Con: “We’re always looking for guest stars who will be great in the part,
but who also speak to our audience and feel like it comes out of the
universe of our show,” says exec producer Josh Schwartz. “If Chuck and
Morgan were watching
Chuck, they would be excited about Linda coming on board.” Adds fellow EP Chris Fedak: “Chuck was certainly a Terminator fan, and Morgan was a Beauty and the Beast fan.”

It was previously believed that Chuck’s mom had long since died, but it was revealed in the Season 3 finale that not only is she still alive, she’s involved in a big way in the spy game.  Among names thrown out via fan wank was that Lynda Carter might receive the role, before being shot down by producers.  Chuck’s mother’s identity will reportedly be the heart of Season 4’s story arc.