As many of you know, we unleashed Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark onto an unprepared world this weekend in Hall H (capacity 6,500-8,000) to an amazing and warming response. We went from being an unknown thing out there to one of the more buzzed about flicks of the con.

I have one of our beautiful embossed Comic Con teaser posters signed [with drawings!] by Guillermo del Toro and Troy Nixey for the best CHUD reader out there who can help us out. We printed 1,000 of them. They are numbered. This one is numbered #666.

What do I mean by best reader? I mean one who reads the site on Sunday afternoon. Now. That’s a reader right there. Most folks read the site at work because they’re at work and have less than a shit to do. The folks who read the site when they could be hugging their dog or playing with themselves or watching Klute on cable… that’s special.

So, at around 4pm Pacific Time I am going to choose one of you folks from your emails and send the poster to you on Monday. That’s how much I love you. Here’s what I need:

Scour the internet. Find pictures and references and tweets and links and summaries of the panel we did on Friday afternoon and compile them in an email sent to me WITH YOUR NAME AND MAILING ADDRESS included and the one with the most diverse and delightful assortment of quotes and critiques and reviews and photos gets the poster.

But be snappy! I need this soon and I’m counting on you Sunday loyalists!

email link: