Do not watch the video below if you haven’t seen Dexter before. Or last season. Like many quality television shows, it’s best to experience it as the creators intended in sequence without peeking ahead. For example: Steve Murphy, after years of prodding from many of his very trustworthy and far more material savvy friends, has given Buffy and Angel a chance, watching them in continuity.

The fool went ahead and found out the twists. The same guy who, when loving a video game, uses the cheats to make it easier. Following that logic he should just kill himself and find out what lies beyond. Steve Murphy ought to kill himself.

Anyway, Dexter

This is a huge season for the show. The most important one since they veered off the [not all that good] books the first season was based on. They did the right thing and a bold thing last year. The show was starting to fall into a ‘serial killer adversary of the year’ rut and while the Devil’s in the details, it stretched the long term prospects for the show. Every show wants to make it it to five seasons, it’s the gold watermark. Dexter‘s done it. Where it goes from here will determine if it’s got the tenacity to evolve from a fun and oftentimes very special show to something epic. I personally think this may be the last season, and sort of hope it is unless they keep their creative heads on a swivel. A lot of the vignettes in this clip about the upcoming season seem awfully familiar. Take a look and decide for yourself.