Karl Urban’s jaw has a better agent than he does, as he’s just been offered the title role in the upcoming Judge Dredd reboot, so says Bleeding Cool. According to their source, the helmet will stay on as it is in the comic, so Urban better get his lower mandible in shape, and start practicing his sultry tones.

Judge Dredd began in the UK’s 2000 AD sci-fi comic and then became an asshole of a film in 1995. That production apparently suffered from changing lead actors, a lack of the source material’s distinct humor, Rob Schneider, an unsure director, and Sylvester Stallone’s mug. John Wagner, the longest running traditional writer for Dredd, had this to say about the script for the new film…

“I have read the script (by Alex Garland) and seen Jock’s visuals. While I can’t go into detail about the content I can say that it’s high-octane, edge of the seat stuff, and gives a far truer representation of Dredd than the first movie. I hated that plot. It was Dredd pressed through the Hollywood cliché mill, a dynastic power struggle that had little connection with the character we know from the comic.”

Of course, that was from this interview back in January, and much could have changed since then. I have a feeling no one’s going to notice or get too worked up about this one until something comes out that’s either surprisingly good, or amusingly terrible.

Urban isn’t a bad way to get the production off on the right foot though. If you need another look at that chin, you can take a look at Karl’s character poster for the upcoming RED.


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