OK, first off, considering the decade before Superman Returns
came out, and the subsequent four years after it basically disappointed
everybody, to now, when Christopher Nolan has come aboard to babysit
the production and change its diapers occasionally, I dislike seriously
posting Superman stories that don’t have the ironclad seal of authenticity from the Warners. especially one as sizeable as this.  That franchise has probably more false
starts and outright bullshit than anything of the last fifteen years
(except maybe Batman,
but at least we’ve have concrete results recently on that).  And if I
hadn’t seen the story on more than one website, one a pretty solid one,
I wouldn’t bother.

Nevertheless, word is, according to The
(who admit they’re skeptical as well), that Chris Nolan’s lil bro, Jonathan, who’s proven his scripting
abilities on his brother’s projects such as Memento, The Prestige and The Dark Knight, is apparently at the top of the short list to direct Superman: The Man of Steel
David S. Goyer is also a contender, but Nolan reportedly has the
edge, even though he has no directorial experience.  This is due to a
couple reasons:

1. Chris Nolan is high on his brother getting the job, and is in a (pretty friggin’ secure) position to influence it heavily.

Warner Bros wants a writer/director to head things up because it’s
cheaper than getting two guys for the gigs.  Even though Goyer’s script
is said to have wowed the brass.

There’s a lesser and almost
certain piece of fanwank that Zachary Levi was near the top of the
other list to star.  Reportedly, WB would rather go for an unknown to
secure him to a three picture deal cheaper than a name star (screw
that, bring back Routh, damnit).

There are a few other tidbits,
but that’s basically it.  There’s supposedly going to be a big announcement at
Comic Con.  So as always, take this with Salt Lake.