Word has come out of Comic Con at the USA Series Panel that Bruce Campbell will be starring in a prequel movie to Burn Notice.  The panel was moderated by Chris Vance, who portrayed the evil Gilroy on the show.  Also on the panel were series creator Matt Nix, exec producer Alfredo Barrios and Tim Matheson.  Campbell plays Sam Axe on the show, a semi-retired ex intelligence officer who is always short on cash and sleeps with rich women to supplement his lifestyle.  He and Jeffrey Donovan’s Westen are old pals and Axe frequently finds himself involved in Westen’s affairs.  He also feeds misinformation to the FBI on Westen’s behalf as a double agent.

No word yet on when the film will go into production nor any specific details about the plot.  However, Campbell did reveal one upcoming plot on the show involving co-star Gabrielle Anwar: “There is an episode where Fiona gets kidnapped,” Campbell said. “Never kidnap Fiona. She’s a little shit!”

via THR.com