A Frank Darabont and Drew Struzan collaboration can only mean good things, and this time around there is this sheet of super-cool to show for it…

This comes from Quint at Aint It Cool, and even though they don’t seem to care for our badass illustrated poster premiers over there, you should lumber over and check out the high-res version they have. According to Quint, this is Struzan’s first zombie illustration- he still knocked it out of the park.

I just barely missed a chance to visit the AMC set for The Walking Dead, so I’ll be as excited as you to see whatever gory bits start flying free at the con and over the coming months.

If you’re one of those showfloor-crawling Comicon attendees, check out the AMC booth, 3721, on Friday at 4pm – good sir Quint surmises the posters will be available at the signing.