I’ve noticed some skepticism rearing its head lately, concering TRON: Legacy, and while I can definitely see why some are hesitant to toss their chips in with it 100%, I am unabashedly doing so. I think TRON: Legacy is going to be huge, great, and a powerful debut for director Joseph Kosinski. As we speak, TRON is rocking Comic Con, with a quick Twitter Search seeming to show that the 8 minutes of footage Disney screened (and you’re sure to get a description of here on CHUD soon) did a number on those who got to see it. It also seems the crowd in Hall H got to scream “De-REZ!” over and over, which was recorded and will be used in the final mix of the film.

Awesome. Lucky bastards.

Share some of the TRON joy going around right now with the theatrical trailer that was just released onto the grid. De-aged Jeff Bridges looks great, the world looks incredible, Daft Punk sounds perfect, the action looks rock and roll… I need to stop. It’s irrational that a sequel to a film I don’t even love can inspire such excitement in me, but I think this is the perfect-case scenario for remakes/long-gap sequels- take a good idea done okay, and do it well. My fingers are tightly crossed that the story is good enough to take these amazing visuals across the finish line…

Enjoy the trailer in the most Ps you can handle.

I’ve tossed in a few stills, click to grab the high res.

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