If your Commander Shepard cheated on Liara T’Soni during your Mass Effect 2 playthrough, this DLC announcement might trigger a cold sweat.

Hopeless nerds who read tie-in novels know all about Liara’s daring rescue of Commander Shepard’s body from the mysterious Shadow Broker. In the upcoming DLC, you’ll join Liara in what’s (ostensibly) a showdown between Shepard and the Broker, who also played a key role in the original Mass Effect. The announcement reveals a “coming soon” date, so there’s no word yet on an official release schedule. Judging by the screenshot above, Liara will be joining your squad as a 4th non-playable character.

If Shadow Broker is as good as either the Overlord or Kasumi packs, BioWare will have officially pulled off a DLC hat trick. If you haven’t played through Overlord, you’re missing out on the best Mass Effect 2 mission outside of the Omega Relay finale.