So I’m a lying liar who lies all the time, what can I say? Just when I thought things were going to get into a steady groove for me, I find myself on the move and with rare access to computers. Thus a limited amount of time on the boards and with this blog. I wanted, as previously mentioned, to start making my way through my dvd collection – to view the unviewed. And now I can actually do that.

It’s just hard when you see a copy of The Adventures of Milo & Otis staring at you from across the room. Mocking you.

However, I will get things done. As previously mentioned, Adaptation is the first movie I’m going to talk about and I’m gonna post it on Monday. I figure the only way I’m gonna get these done is on a bi-weekly basis. So…I’ll have like a year’s worth of writing to do. So that’s neat.

On a side note, going to watch the always excellent Troll 2 tonight at the Inwood in Dallas. I’m still amazed by the cult following this movie has gotten for itself. Thinking back so many years, I remember renting this odd little film from a local video store. It instantly became a favorite but as the years past, I could never find another copy (this was in the early years of widespread internet use. We had Juno…the hell was I gonna do with that?) and just assumed I made the movie up.

But lo and behold we now live in a day where that movie gets the weird acclaim it deserves. Can’t wait to see it on screen tonight and am definitely looking forward to catching Best Worst Movie in Austin when it hits.

Alright, join me here on Monday for Adaptation review/discussion/sing-along. For real this time. I promise it will be much better written than this.