USA Today is reporting that Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II
will feature everyone’s favorite (but strangely ineffective) bounty
hunter. Yes that’s right folks, Boba Fett will show up in the game in “a
minor role”.

story will pick up with Vader’s secret apprentice (now officially stuck
with the goofy “Starkiller” moniker) escaping from his master, who then
employs Boba Fett to track him down. “We
didn’t want to just throw Boba Fett or other characters in the game
just for the sake of making a fan appearance,” says LucasArts’ Haden
Blackman, who wrote the story for both games. “But it really made sense
for (Vader) to hire Boba Fett.”

Uh… huh.

Remember when Phantom Menace
disappointed everyone and Lucas said hey wait everyone, Boba Fett’s
going to be in the sequel! And the fanboys got all excited until they
saw what they did with him? Let’s hope that this isn’t history repeating
itself all over again…

there are some other improvements to the game. Apparently Starkiller
will be able to dismember foes (finally- they’re friggin’ lightsabers,
after all!), and the force powers will be tweaked to be easier to use
and more powerful than ever. There will be new features like a mind
trick force power that makes enemies fight alongside you and the ability
to dual wield lightsabers.

If Force Unleashed II improves on the original it could really be a great game, because the first one was certainly fun if flawed (review). We’ll find out when it hits on October 26th.