The 1935 Best Picture Academy Award winning film Mutiny on the Bounty will hit Blu-ray on November 16, 2010. The film stars Clark Gable as a mutineer on a ship bound voyage against tyrannical Captain Bligh (Charles Laughton). The movie received eight total Academy Award nominations, including three for Best Actor.


The movie is based on a true story, originally told in the Charles Nordhoff/James Norman Hall novel Mutiny on the Bounty. Marlon Brando starred in a 1962 remake in the Clark Gable role. In 1984, Mel Gibson and Anthony Hopkins starred in the lead roles in another remake of the story.


Extras on the Blu-ray include a vintage featurette “Pitcairn Island Today,” an Academy Awards Newsreel and trailers for both the 1935 and 1962 versions.