Update: Take a gander at these.  You’ll be much more satisfied. 

Thanks Moltisanti, ain’t interactivity wonderful?.

There are some random Expendables snaps floating around out there in some random photo pile.  Don’t know who put them there nor why.  Don’t know their context nor purpose.  Are they part of some covert marketing campaign?  Some illicits pics snatched up by a staffer and posted?  Or did Sly just forget to completely clear out his Photobucket account?  Who knows.  The photos aren’t spoilery.  They’re not exclusive.  They’re actually sort of pedestrian.  Basically any slob can find them and post them on a site…which is where I come in.  But they are pics of an anticipated movie that you may not have seen, so here you go.  You can click the images to go to the link if you feel so inclined.

Thanks to Felix for the tip.