BD just learned that Lightning Entertainment has wrapped principal photography last week on Quarantine 2: Terminal. While Quarantine was a pretty faithful remake of Rec, the sequel takes the survivors in a new direction from Rec 2- namely, up in the air. The official synopsis:

“In QUARANTINE, an apartment building in Los Angeles was quarantined by the CDC (Center for Disease Control), trapping the frightened residents inside as a deadly mutant virus turned the residents into rabid killers. QUARANTINE 2: TERMINAL picks up later that night at LAX, as passengers board a flight to Nashville. When a passenger becomes violently ill with a mysterious rabies-like virus, the plane makes an emergency landing at a large metropolitan airport. Jenny (Mercedes Masohn, CBS’s “Three Rivers”), a heroic yet inexperienced flight attendant, takes charge of the safety of her passengers. Relieved when a swarm of heavily equipped emergency vehicles, police units and the CDC arrive, Jenny and the passengers soon discover that they have been quarantined and are now trapped. Desperate to escape, Jenny enlists the help of one of the surviving passengers, a kindergarten teacher, Henry (Josh Cooke, A Fork In The Road, I Love you Man), to devise a plan to survive.”

John Pogue, writer of such films as the Rollerball remake, Ghost Ship, and The Skulls 1-3 will write and direct.
“I was a big admirer of REC and the work that [John] Dowdles did on
QUARANTINE, so I was thrilled when given the opportunity to write and
direct the sequel”, says Director John Pogue. “QUARANTINE 2: TERMINAL
will expand the mythology behind the first film for fans and ramp up the
twisted thrills, building on that universal fear of being trapped on an

Rob Hall (The Crazies, Quarantine) will provide special effects.

More on the film as we hear it, but don’t forget that Rec 2 is in theaters right now! Quarantine is available on Netflix Instant as well, but it’s definitely recommended that you watch the original first.