While talking to Adam McKay about his hilarious new film, The Other Guys, I snuck in a question about The Boys, an adaptation of a Garth Ennis comic book that he’s in negotiations to direct. In The Boys there are superheroes in the world, but they’re dangerous and reckless, so the CIA has created a covert ops group to keep them in line – or kill them, if need be. The newest member is Wee Hughie, whose girlfriend was killed as collateral damage by the superhero A-Train. Ennis and artist Darick Robertson based Wee Hughie on Simon Pegg.

I asked McKay if he had talked to Pegg about doing the film. He told me: ‘I haven’t officially signed on yet, so I haven’t had any conversations with anyone, but he’s got to do it. It has to be.’

‘So if you sign on it has to be with him?’ I asked.

‘For sure,’ McKay said.

The ball’s in your court, Pegg. I imagine someone will ask him about this at Comic Con, where he’s promoting Paul.