I remember back when Grace Park first portrayed Boomer in the Battlestar Galactica remake and how eyebrows were raised by her, an actress of Korean descent, taking over a role originated by a Black actor.  Of course, both Park and the BSG quickly proved themselves and the members of the Herbert Jefferson, Jr. Fan Club called off their planned suicide bombings of the production offices.  Park has already set her sights on another remake, and another role originated by a male, this time by a guy named Zulu of all things. 

Entertainment Weekly spoke briefly with Park, who has a role on the upcoming Hawaii Five-O reboot, where she’s portraying Det. Kono Kalakaua.  Zulu (real name, Gilbert Lani Kauhi), originated the role in 1968.  Park attributes her trend of role reversals with the changing times: “Back in the day, we used to have much more male-centric shows,” she
says. “You still have male-heavy shows, but having a woman in there
adds a new dimension.” 
And her plans after this job? “My next goal is to do J.R. from Dallas. Then maybe Larry
Three’s Company.” 

Personally, I was hoping she’d take over the lead in Big Love or Hung and get it on with multiple chicks, but that’s just me…