So, I finally got around to doing the blog. My name is Anderson and I’m one of the CHUD DVD Reviewers. I’ll be blogging at weird intervals, so don’t expect something that you can follow with any regularity.

What got me to blogging today was this little notion that has been playing around the back of my mind for the last few days. How much talent does it take to suck? I don’t mean doing something lame or just not well made. I’m talking about the special level of Epic Fail that only people like Brian Peppers could obtain.

I write for several on-line and off-line venues and I’ve decided to bait one of these joints as my test site. I assure you that it’s not CHUD. The point of the experiment is to create a character personality with no direct connection back to me. From that point, I’ve decided to see how far I can go to bomb out. What will be the breaking point when readers have had enough? Which readers will stick behind the test writings and try to defend them? I find things like this to be so fascinating that you’ve got to pardon me if I take the time here to cover such wonderful indulgences.

There will be something of real substance for my blog entry later today. I just wanted to get something up so that I can say I started this blog project.