For our friends to the north, they will soon be able to celebrate their ability to access Netflix’s increasingly impressive library of instantly stream-able films and TV shows. The company is expanding online operation to Canada in the fall (no specific dates or pricing are yet listed), though the physical service of renting discs is not yet a part of the expansion.

Eventually French will become an option, so all of Canada’s residents can enjoy what Netflix calls its first “streaming-only service.” If the service will be delivered on different video game consoles and devices as it is in the US will be announced on a later date.

With the DVD market slowly moving towards the right end of the bell-curve representing the format’s lifespan, and the increasingly successful presence of competitors in the physical realm (Redbox) and the streaming realm (Hulu), the Bringers of the Red Envelopes are looking for growth in a big way. International expansion is a great way for Netflix to grow their user-base and keep the clicks coming their way. Add to that the free iPad application and forthcoming iPhone application pushing the service into your everyday, on-the-go film/television consumption and you can see the company isn’t done changing the way we devour content. This fall Canada, next year the world! Maybe.

Source | Netflix

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