Pretty cool, huh? Well, don’t get your hopes up. This poster, photographed in the wilds of Manhattan by a CHUD reader, is a phony. I mean, it exists, but it’s not for a real Deadpool movie. There are a number of ways to tell. One is that the poster doesn’t have the Fox logo anywhere. Second is that it’s rated R despite there not being a frame of film shot. And the third is that it’s pretty unlikely that Deadpool comes out in 2011.

There have been rumbles of ‘secret announcements’ at Marvel’s Comic Con panel this year (I’ve heard some detailed rumors, which are interesting. They’re not solid enough for me to report), but Deadpool in 2011 won’t be one of them.

The poster comes from a firm called Fine Line Kreative, who has actually done a whole bunch of fake Marvel posters. And whose real work seems to be ads for local bars.