Devin gave this movie a 10/10 in his review.

And it’s about outer space. And it’s in IMAX. If you need any other reasons to see Hubble 3D I don’t know what to tell you. Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, the film tells the story of astronauts repairing the amazing space telescope and features what is apparently some footage that will blow your face clean off with its beauty and mindbending grace. Check out the official site and be thrilled.

I have passes for Atlanta and Charlotte and hope to see the Chewers in both cities turn out for both of these on August 14th when we screen it. I’ll be there that morning, as giddy as a schoolgirl (and wearing the same clothes).

Seriously, though this isn’t a very long movie, it is apparently unmissable. So don’t miss it, and see it for free! Using the correct link below and including your mailing address and name, send us an entry. Also, why not join our CHUD Group on Facebook?

Warning: Passes are good for one, so have your significant other enter the contest as well. Also: If you give us special instructions on how many passes to send to you, your email will be American History X’d to the curb. Please include your name and mailing address so you are ensured it gets sent. If you win a pass.