Look, we all hated Transformers 2, but let’s not discount 3 out
of hand. Especially with some of the evidence before us. Last week I
told you about the movie’s very cool opening sequence; in the meantime
Michael Bay has been busy blowing the shit out of Chicago, using lots of
practical effects and stunts. href="http://www.aintitcool.com/node/45821">Go to Aint
It Cool
for a rundown of some of the
best stuff, including dudes jumping off the fucking Trump Tower. That’s

there’s more! Scorecard Review has gotten pictures of the robot
stand-ins on set (these are robot heads on long sticks that are used to
give actors eyelines to play off. You can see a Bumblbee stand-in in
another picture) , and one is so audaciously ridiculous that I am in
love. It appears to be a Professor Bot, kind of an Einsteinocon. I love
the silliness of this. target="_blank"
href="http://thescorecardreview.com/articles/2010/07/16/tsr-exclusive-transformers-3-hits-the-streets-of-chicago/11977">Go to
Scorecard Review for more pics.

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