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7/19 – They didn’t even try.

Photo by Darrell Ford.

“Congrats on getting approved for you $92 business loan.”

“Fuck my entire plane of being.”

“Sir, you are living the American Dream. You are the delivery of the dreams of all those brave souls who ventured to Ellis Island and beyond. How does it feel?”

“Does this business loan come with a suicide gun?”

“What name would you like on the license?”

“I don’t give a rat’s pussy what it says. It’s a cheap store with some godforsaken re-purposed gifts. Probably hurt sales if I call it ‘Goodbye Cruel World’. Fucking put ‘Gifto’ there. I don’t care. It sounds like ‘Gitmo’. People got tortured there. They’re going to get tortured here. And go to Hell while you’re at it.”