What is Grim Reaper: End of Days? A book I helped write. Details HERE and HERE.

In addition to doing press and events for Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark and covering movies and stuff for you delightful people for CHUD.com and a new mystery site [HINT: Big and mainstream] I am gearing up to launch, I will also be promoting the book [release date: 10.10.10 give or take a day or two] in a fun and giving manner. I have a big ol’ box of the t-shirt pictured below to give to visitors to Comic Con I run into during my travels:

The art is by John Toledo, the man who did all of the Gustave Dore-esque interior art for the book. The shirt is going to be a delight to own and something that will hopefully help feed the grassroots awareness for the book.

So if you see me there, ask for a damn shirt!