While I’ll be more interested when I have a city/date schedule, I am pleased to say that IFC has picked up Shinya Tsukamoto’s newest entry in what has become a trilogy of Tetsuo films, Tetsuo: The Bullet Man. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this comes with television and video-on-demand right that would allow IFC to do it’s typical bag of simultaneous releases.

It’s difficult to explain why I’m as excited as I am for this film. I’m not particularly fond of the first sequel, Tetsuo: the Body Hammer, and the reviews of Bullet Man out of Venice and Tribeca (which saw an updated cut) were middling at best. There’s little chance the new one can live up to the patent insanity of the original, but I’m so fond of the Cronenbergian nightmare that is Tetsuo the Iron Man, that I’ll see any attempt from Tsukamoto to try.

We’ll certainly up date you when there is word on a release schedule in the states. We all need to get our fix of terrifying drill penis.


Nine Inch Nails – Tetsuo Theme

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