First off, kudos to the Vergaras for having more than one daughter.  I think I echo many a sentiment that Sofia is, well…the words hommina hommina hommina come to mind.  Secondly, younger daughter, Sandra, ain’t no slouch in that department either.  And word comes today from that she will be in the upcoming Fright Night remake, directed by Craig Gillespie.  She’ll be portraying the role of girlfriend and assistant to a magician, played by David Tennant, who is hired by Anton Yelchin’s character to help him combat a vampire.

Sandra’s biggest credits to date have been a couple of guest spots on CSI: Miami and Nip/Tuck.  Here’s hoping this role leads her to joining her sister in a movie together.  Like, say, Into The Blue 3.  In Australia.  Near a topless beach.  In 3D.