Earlier, Devin brought word that Ghost Rider 2, tentatively titled Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, was gearing up.  Then, Renn filled us in on news that Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, those purveyors of the insane Crank series, were in discussions to direct.  Well news came via Mr. Flaming Skull himself, Nicolas Cage on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, that not only are both true, but that he’s going to set his head on fire again as well.  “There’s gonna be a new one,” Cage told Ferguson.  “I just made the deal

Considering his other commitments, plus whether or not Sony would even maintain the rights, it looked to be in doubt that Cage could return to the role.  I liked Cage’s work in the first film, and some of the effects, but that’s about it.  But with Neveldine and Taylor behind the camera, I cautiously look for good things in the sequel.  At the very least, it should be a lot more, shall we say, kinetic. 

You can check out the 3:50 mark for the news in the clip below.  Thanks to Brian for the tip.