Before we get to scans of other images from Entertainment Weekly’s Green Lantern article, I wanted to draw your attention that detail from the cover, which reveals GL’s costume. GL’s ugly, awful costume. The suit itself is a nightmare – many have already said that the striated musculature makes Lantern look like a gamma-irradiated Slim Goodbody. But what’s up with this mask, which appears to be applied to Ryan Reynold’s face as grease paint? Is this just a shitty PhotoShop job for the cover of the magazine or is Hal Jordan going to have his ring magic up a grease paint kit for him?


Anyway, there are more pics within the issue, including shots of Ryan Reynolds out of costume, wherein he looks like Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Reynolds holding a floating ring (a very cool shot, should have been the first image we saw from the film) and a shot of Hector Hammond with Angela Bassett in a terrible wig as Amanda Waller, one day to be head of the DC Universe’s Suicide Squad (although probably not, as Warner Bros seems to be shying away from a shared universe). ‘Enjoy.’

These pics come from iFanboy, who don’t attribute from whence they came.