It’s that stage in the lead up to a big film’s release when we find out what the director has lined up next, and TRON: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski has hitched his wagon with the Scott brothers, and a script from Andrew Will.

The film, called Archangels, centers around a special unit of humans assigned to track illegal aliens, of the space variety. The Bourne franchise is name-dropped, so I’m thinking an edgy, dramatic Men In Black that will probably base itself on the current hot-button immigration issue to some degree. That’s my guess- there’s not a ton of info yet.

Scott Free (Ridley and Tony’s production company) is in charge of the project. The screenwriter is known for his short Homelanders, as well as work he’s currently doing for the videogame Dragon Age.

EDIT: Of course I completely blanked on Black Hole at Disney, which Kosinski is also involved with. We’ll have to see or hear which is coming first- not even mentioning the fact that Disney may want to hop on a TRON sequel immediately if it’s ultra-successful. (thanks #1)

It’s likely we’ll hear more about this project from Kosinski at Comic-Con.

Source | Heat Vision

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