Clamoring for the next big Brett Ratner cinematic opus?  Still not over your Son of Zeus withdrawal since Kevin Sorbo left the screen?  No prob.  The two seem to be on a collision course, says the LA Times.  Ratner is in talks to direct the loincloth pic for Avi Lerner and Millennium / Nu Image.  The producer has been developing the movie for more than three years,
with the project gaining new momentum of late, though it’s still in the
development stage. Little is known about the specifics of the new
version, though it’s expected to bring Lerner’s classic action ethos to
the larger-than-life character.

No doubt this is coming on the heels of a recent upswing in the last few years for Greek mythology yarns such as Troy, 300, and most recently, Clash of the Titans; as well as that upcoming Cimmerian pic, to which Ratner was once reportedly mentioned to direct.  There have been a few outings for the character the last four decades or so, including the aforementioned Sorbo schlockfest, its spinoff, Young Hercules, the 1997 Disney animated film, a TV miniseries in 2005, as well as  Hercules in New York in 1970 and Hercules in 1983, both starring a couple of well-built guys of whom you may have heard.