Earlier this week, CHUD was happy to help host an early screening of Inception for a few hundred movie fans in Atlanta. There were t-shirts and posters given away, along with one of my favorite pieces of swag ever- Inception tops.

After the screening, Nick and I snagged a batch of people, shoved a sideways phone in their face, and recorded some johnny-on-the-spot reactions to Christopher Nolan’s latest. Below is a quick video (entirely spoiler free) that gives you an idea of the buzz coming out of theater. I think we grabbed a good cross section of the audience- there are a few chewers in here, along with some who had never heard of a CHUD (and were quickly educated). I can safely say the attitude of those in the video accurately reflects the tone of the entire crowd as they left the auditorium.

This video only adds to the bevy of coverage CHUD has aimed at this incredible film. You can find Devin’s review here, and also check out his pieces counting down to Inception. Finally, you can expect to see another (tag-teamier) review of the film on the front page soon.

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