Disclaimer: I think The Green Lantern is the silliest superhero in town. Seriously silly and horrible. I collected comic books from 1977-2003 and I think I may have one issue of the dumb funnybook about a guy who’s totally defined by his jewelry. I owned copies of Warlord but avoided The Green Lantern. I owned Power Pack issues, because though they were dumb little kids with powers, none of them wore jewelry. I know Thor totally needs to have his hammer to do massive damage but a hammer is something that smashes things and a ring is something entirely different. Dumb. And yes, I know there were cool storylines and shit in the 90’s, but they were cool storylines about a guy in green wearing a ring. Which is better than flying through space with a lantern, I agree. But not nearly as interesting as being an interesting superhero.

EW has the first look at Ryan Reynolds (who is a terrific man) as The Green Lantern (who has a merchant account with Jostens). It’s the cover of their Comic Con issue and it showcases the man in the CGI suit as pretty much The Green Lantern we all know with some sparkly accoutrements.

See it here. Then go to Ron Marz and kick him.

UPDATE: Devin here. EW sent over a high res version of the cover. Click the big image below to see it.