Christ. The 3D thing. Marvel Studios has announced that Thor and Captain America will be post-converted into 3D; they go on and on about how it’ll be good this time, but I remain endlessly unconvinced. Because, you know, every post-converted 3D movie has pretty much looked like shit.

Last week I asked a publicist to please screen their studio’s post-converted 3D movies in 2D so that they could at least have a fighting chance, so that I could see the colors pop and not be annoyed by the glasses. Not a chance, I was told. And the publicist wasn’t happy about it.

Anyway, along with this dismal news about 3Ding the Marvel Movie Universe comes a new photo of Thor, Odin and Loki. I really want to dig this movie, but man, every picture they release looks more kitschy and plasticky. It’s weird that Loki and Thor appear to be wearing slacks – is this Asgard’s version of business casual? Thor is a huge gamble, and the kind I am given to support, but there’s been a silly Flash Gordon quality to everything I’ve seen before. I hope the Comic Con presentation proves me dead wrong.