The countdown to Inception is quickly ending. Most critics have now seen the film. The premiere is tonight in Los Angeles. And you probably already have your tickets.

So here are a couple of random Inception things before I launch into the final parts of the countdown:

Inception prequel comic – When Inception opens Dom Cobb and friends are in the middle of a job for some pretty bad dudes. Who are they? What’s the job all about? Warner Bros has released an online comic that fills in the opening notes of Christopher Nolan’s symphony. Click here to read it.

Inception trailer mash-up – What if Inception, the great dream movie of our time, met The Room, the great nightmare movie of our time? It might look like this. Thanks to Ant Timpson for the link.

Inception afterparty – Like I said, the premiere is tonight. Hans Zimmer and Johnny Marr will be playing the afterparty, which starts in about a half hour by my time. You can watch that live right here. God willing the embed code works, that is.