In June Disney went back for reshoots on Tron Legacy. Fairly standard stuff, all things
considered. Less standard: the new pages being shot came from the folks
at Pixar, with Brad Bird and Michael Arndt doing the scripting.

Weekly reports

that Disney showed the Pixar boys a rough cut of the movie in the
spring, and then had Arndt and Bird write new pages focusing on
‘character, emotion, and theme.’ The article posits that this is the
future for Disney, a future where the mothership and Pixar and Marvel
all cross-pollinate and share ideas. The ultimate movie bullpen.

I find most intriguing about this news is that it has gotten such a
positive reaction online. Usually stories about reshoots are filled with
doom and gloom, but the Pixar fairy dust is apparently quite potent.
Maybe we’ll get otherwise tough guy commenters talking about how much
they cried during Tron Legacy.