“BIG NEWS! Comic Con bans Piranha 3D for being “TOO WILD!” I hear they’re going to replace us w/ The Strawberry Shortcake Movie!”

Well that certainly sounds sensational.

That comes from Paul Scheer, comedian and cast-member of Piranha 3D, through his twitter account. It does reflect the very true fact that Comic-Con rejected The Weinstein Company-provided reel of footage that was to play in the convention’s enormous Hall H panel. Comic-Con likes for footage shown to be family-friendly and by all accounts the Piranha footage was decidedly not.

The controversy (read: a couple dudes writing blog entries) comes from Piranha 3D‘s complete disappearance from the line-up for Friday, the 23rd of July. As it happens, that was actually the Weinstein Company’s choice once faced with the trailer rejection. As of now Piranha will be absent from the panel, but there is certainly the chance they’ll resubmit and be included.

There are also rumors that some sort of simultaneous Piranha event will be staged separate from the con, and it wouldn’t be a total surprise if they tried to play off of the “too hardcore for the con” angle. This is, of course, speculation that originates entirely from my ass.

Look for plenty of Comic-Con coverage from CHUD when the convention starts, July 22nd.

Source | Hitfix, JoBlo

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