You’ve probably already noticed that
the CAPTCHA is back on the comments section. Sorry. We know that it
doesn’t work as well as it should, but the open posting system that we
had for a couple of months was becoming a spam deluge. We were getting
hundreds of spam messages an hour, which made moderating the legit
comments next to impossible.

I have been told that there is a new
chassis coming for CHUD in just weeks. Believe me, I’m as impatient for
it as you are – updating articles in the current system can be a
harrowing experience – but a little patience will get everybody a long
way. In the meantime thanks for your thoughtful and legit comments;
we’re still moderating so your comments may not show up immediately.
It’s the best way to keep the trolls out of the mix. The new system will
be much more robust and a lot more immediate.

In the meantime, thanks, and stick
around to see the next generation.