I see a lot of movies every year. A
ton. But this year I’ve decided I don’t see enough movies, so one of my
New Year Resolutions was to simply see more. And to write about them.
See, that’s the other half of the equation: I see a ton of movies, but
I write about comparatively few of them. There are a lot of reasons,
but they mainly boil down to the fact that I feel the  need to do long
form reviews, and sometimes – like in the midst of Sundance – I just
don’t have the time.

so was born this new blog! I aim to make an entry for every single
movie I see in 2010. Some entries may be very short, some may be
lengthy. Entries may take a couple of days to be posted. Let’s see how
long this lasts.

last  thing: one of my main objectives this year is to rewatch more
movies. I know this sounds like a strange goal, but there are films I
haven’t seen since high school, which means it’s been almost a lifetime
since I saw them. Recently I rewatched Black Christmas for the first
time since the 1980s, and I might as well have been seeing the movie
for the first time. I’m interested in getting a look at some movies I
loved or hated twenty or even ten years ago and seeing how I feel about
them now.

Let’s begin…


Cop Out
d. Kevin Smith

You can read my actual review of the movie
right here.

Recently talking to some people in the know I learned the real depths of what a cocksucker Bruce Willis was on this movie, and I know that should make me at least temper my disappointment in Kevin Smith, but it actually makes me like the director less. It’s shameful that this guy, who has been in the business for over a decade, should let Willis treat him so poorly. Part of being a director is being in control of your set, and if you can’t control your set – whether it be through force of will or through secondary intermediaries or through invisible manipulation – you’re not cut out for the job.

I saw this at a press screening at the Arclight in Hollywood. The desire to walk out was strong, and I know that my girlfriend really wanted to get the fuck out of there, but you have to stay to the end if you’re going to review. We skipped another, much better movie for this one, but I don’t remember what it was.