Who the hell cares about NASCAR? I sure don’t. There’s just nothing exciting to me about similar cars going around and around in a circle, no apparent strategy or skill to what they do.

That’s the way a good chunk of you likely think, and a mindset that’s about to be thrown away after your first viewing of Racing Dreams. The latest film from documentarian Marshall Curry (Street Fight) takes a smart approach to the subject in that it brings you to three Nascar racers in training- preteen kids who ride around on go-carts. You’re probably thinking how cute that is until you find out that these particular karts can go up to 70 miles an hour. This is serious stuff, and most of the big NASCAR stars started out in little leagues like this.
Check out my full review of Racing Dreams, when it was one of my favorite films at Tribeca last year, even with a lineup that included such heavy hitters as In The Loop and Moon. It won Best Documentary at the fest for a reason!

The film has taken a route most don’t and opened in the Pacific Northwest and Midwest before the “big three” markets. It’s currently playing in Oregan and Indiana and opened today in NYC, with LA opening on July 23rd. Check here for a list of theaters.