So here we finally have it, after the new images we received yesterday,  a real trailer for a real movie based off of a fake trailer for a fake movie.

I’ve suspected for a while that this is a film that won’t know exactly what it wants to be, and this trailer (which I saw attached to Predators yesterday- Tag Team review coming soon) only cements that hunch. While I admit very little of what happens in the Grindhouse trailer for Machete would be that out of place in a typical Rodriguez film, we’re still seeing a ton of the original footage alongside everything new. The problem being that even when you strip the fake film-grain and melodramatic voice-over off of these shots, they still stand out as parody against the new material, ridiculous as much of it is. The Cheech portion in particular feels off. It doesn’t help that the whole thing is cut like shit.

The film looks like you thought it would though, and maybe once it’s all a part of full-length film that you can get settle into it will be worth a ride. There’s no denying the hell of a cast Rodriguez put together, and even as an utter failure it could be interesting to watch the train-wreck. Hopefully we’ll get something much better and much more fun than that though.

Machete Movie Trailer – Trailer

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