There’s a new costume for Wonder Woman in DC Comics, and it involves slacks and a jacket with the sleeves rolled up. No, this is not the 1992 version, but rather the 2010 version.

And it could have been the Earlier in the 2000s version as well. See, Joss Whedon’s usual costume designer recently tweeted some pictures of her initial take on a possible Wonder Woman movie outfit, for back when Whedon was possibly going to bring the Amazon Princess to the big screen. See, Shawna Trpcic (get this woman a vowel, stat!), had put the character in pants as well.

It looked just as bad there. But I do have to admit I like the version where the pants are slung low around her hips and what appears to be Wonder Woman’s shiny golden thong is sticking out.

I don’t know how you do a Wonder Woman in a modern movie. Maybe if you started in WWII, as Marvel is doing with Captain America: The First Avenger, you could get away with a gaudier, sillier costume. In the meantime, people will continue hurling themselves against the Wonder Woman wall, convinced that this character can ever be anything more than a mover of lunch boxes or bed sheets.

via Slashfilm