Once I’m lucky enough to have joined those that have witnessed the apparent brilliance of Inception, my number-one anticipated film of the year will immediately jump to TRON: Legacy, which hits December 17th on the biggest fucking screen you can find. Very soon TRON will be hitting Comic Con hard as Disney prepares to make this as huge of a hit as they can (which is to say very huge), so expect some really cool things to be relayed out of San Diego in less than two weeks!

To tease the Comic Con appearance, Empire has put TRON front and center with a big feature, including several new stills that you can find below (full-resolution pictures at Empire). They mostly consist of images we’ve seen in one form or another, but there’s an especially cool shot of Flynn (seen above). I love the internal glowing band of his hood, and how it lights his face. I can only imagine how much fun the set and costume designers had along with Director of Photography Claudio Miranda (who also shot the gorgeous The Curious Case of Benjamin Button).

Check the stills out, re-watch the trailer, and hate how long July, August, September, October, November, and half of December are going to last.

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